The code is provided as is, with no guarantees. Comments and bug reports are welcome. While the code is not strictly supported, it is documented through the related publications. Note that, it may be used for non-commercial use only.

Currently available code:

1. Color Constancy Through Inverse Intensity Chromaticity Space, JOSA 2004 [code][project page]
2. Specular Highlight Removal From A Single Image, PAMI 2005 [code] [project page]
3. Contrast Enhancement with JPEG Artifacts Suppression, ECCV 2014 [code] [project page]
4. Simultaneous Video Defogging and Stereo Reconstruction, CVPR 2015 [project page]
5. Nighttime Haze Removal with Glow and Multiple Light Colors, ICCV 2015 [code]

Note for those who are looking for the code of "visibility in bad weather from a single image": due to intellectual property rights that legally bind me, unfortunately I cannot release the code to the public.